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Ngugi Kihara

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Elementary School Wellness Teacher | E-RYT Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer | Trailunner | lululemon | allbirds | tailwind nutrition Ambassador

I'm from Nairobi, Kenya, and came to the States in 2007 as a Student. I found yoga a few years later when it was the cool thing that people at my climbing gym would go to. I was drawn to Vinyasa Yoga, mostly as a workout. I was learning how my body works in a new challenging way, but also discovering a different understanding of myself. A few months in, it wasn't fun all the time. Through my brilliant teachers and mentors in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was starting to dig into deep imprinted patterns stored in my mind and body that I'd never known of or understood, and that exploration was harder than ANY pose. The inner work was the treasure. I'm so grateful for how it emotionally broke me open and it has been a growing journey ever since. It opened the door to this wisdom of the mind- body connection, and an openness to the individual and universal consciousness. It gave me a sense of clarity in my day to day choices, and far from perfect, the practice helped me slowly piece together a previously disconnected life. 

About 5 years into a steady yoga routine paired with meditation and a personal practice it was time to take a teacher training. It had improved my life in so many ways and I needed the instructional setting and holistic approach that I could share with the community that I love so much.  My passion quickly expanded away from the studio setting to K-8 schools, after-school programs and teaching boys in the juvenile system. This is with the intention of helping them create a safe path towards stress management and building proper self- care practices that they could apply in real life. I'm currently a Wellness Teacher at The Primary School in East Palo Alto, CA which integrates education, healthcare, and family support services to improve outcomes for underserved children.

Additionally, I am the co-owner of Mizizi Yoga, a Registered Yoga School, and we offer various workshops, Yoga Alliance 200- Hour Teacher training and yoga retreats throughout the year.  

I'd love to know about you and your yoga practice, or any questions you have about me. Feel free to contact me, or I hope to see you in class!


About Ngugi

Online 12 Class Package - One time purchase of $100!
*Price returns to $150 on June 1st, 2022*

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Teaching Schedule


I am not currently teaching in person classes. My home studio is YogaSource in Palo Alto, CA. I hope to  be back teaching soon!


Ngugi doesn't just remember our names, he remembers our bodies, our practice--what we are struggling with and striving towards--he tailors his adjustments and instructions in a way that encourages each of us to really do the work. His meditative guidance helps me leave it all behind- Lauren

Ngugis' teaching has a beautiful balance of philosophy, strength and anatomy. Though his practice isn't for the faint of heart, he offers a mixed level of options for every student. He always has an extensive warm up to ensure your body is ready. Even when he offers advanced poses he does so in a light hearted way which always makes me feel safe to play around. He’s especially skilled in hands on assists and meditative queuing to bring the class back to their breath. I’m lucky enough to say he helped me become a yoga teacher myself by guiding my YTT - Ashlee

Do you know what it’s like when you meet someone and it just clicks? This feeling of meeting a person who is genuinely human and with whom you connect immediately. Well, this is Ngugi. Right from the very first time I took his class, he gave me the positivity and reassurance I needed. for more than a year now, this is with the same smile on my face that I go to Ngugi’s class, and that I will, for as long as I can - Guillaume

When I went to Ngugis' class, the first thing he said to me was said how nervous he was. I love how present and open and emotionally available he is, and it shows in how receptively he leads a practice. He has a beautiful energy and is a fantastic instructor, and always has a few challenges up his sleeve - Jen

After a frantic work week, I came to his Friday Vinyasa practice. I'd only been to two of his classes, but still he greeted me by name, welcoming me into the space. And not just me, he knew everyone's name. The recognition was gentle, unassuming, and created a lovely environment to begin our practice with. We all felt it. - Tyler

It is always such a perfect class with Ngugi. Conditioning, strength, stretch, balance and lots of fun. He offers a traditionally focused flow and offers you space for meditation or additional practice depending on how you feel that day, without any judgement. One day during practice, I thought to myself, "I really love this!" - Amy

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